After almost a year, my husband and I found the perfect lot. Next, we needed the perfect builder. We were blessed to have a family member refer us to Dave Vencil of Vencil Homes and we have been grateful ever since. He hails from a small community in Nebraska and has good common sense and values you would expect from a small town son.

When we faltered over our house plans, Dave’s professionalism was invaluable, always calmly guiding us in the best direction. We wanted it to be the last home we would need. In other words, as empty-nesters, we wished to age in place, with the accommodations of wider doors throughout, higher toilets and a wheelchair ramp leading in from the garage. He listened to us and expertly customized the home to our liking.

When our architect, (who was not one of Dave’s) left us high and dry when we were 3/4 of the way done, Dave was the one who took over to see us through. His professionalism was much appreciated.

We highly recommend Vencil Homes for your quality custom home builder.

David & Carol Preble
Sara and I have been in the home you built for us for nearly 4 years and we love it more and more each day! We marveled as you personally showed up early nearly every day, before your subs, and seldom missed a day that you didn’t stop by to check on the process. In our many visits with your builders, painters, heating, plumbing, etc we always felt that they knew that you had confidence in their professional skills and that they were working for us as well. We feel so blessed to have been served by such a conscientious team.

We feel especially thankful that God has given you a real gift, and you, Dave have accepted those gifts. You helped us to save on costs with suggestions on how we could stay under budget and were honest with us, saying “this might be an option you would want to consider” eg. to consider how to soundproof areas or better utilize a space.

As you can tell, Dave, we love our home for many of the above reasons, but if you really want to know what we think, you need only to listen to friends, neighbors, and families comments about the quality, craftsmanship, and ingenuity of planning, construction, design, lack of wasted space, intricacies and ‘built-ins’ that are simply what makes our Dave Vencil Home not simply unique, not just a house but a Home. We have visited other homes that were thousands of dollars more than ours that don’t compare.

Sara and I are proud to show our home to people interested in building a new home and there is only one builder that we would recommend and that is Dave Vencil.

May God Bless you and your family for sharing your time and talents with us.

Sara & Billy Butler
We wanted to say thank you for all your hard work to make our dream house a reality. If not for you and your professionalism and attention to detail things would not have gone as smooth as they did building on an acreage. It was great working with someone who genuinely respected our investment as if it was his own home. Your expert advice, guidance and honesty added real value to our home and made the building process simple and stress free. Your follow up and follow through is all we could ask for. Everyone that showed up to work on our home was extremely respectful and truly took pride in their work from start to finish. Your team was easy to work with and always had our best interest in mind. You and your team delivered a custom built home that is absolutely beautiful, extremely energy efficient, and safe for our young family on time and on budget. Dave thank you for all your hard work to make our dream come true.
Jonathan & Christine Spreeman

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